The Cheetah and The Gazelle

This post is meant to be a short one but I had to write it down. Recently I was interviewing the executive chef of a restaurant for a podcast and we got to talking about life. I asked Rob, “So what drives you every morning and keeps you coming back?” The long and short of it was Success.

Success is one of those things that when you taste it, it can become addicting and empowering. On the flip-side success is also a heavy responsibility, as you grow you touch more people, more depends on you, and life continues to require more and more as we age. The way he described it made me think of something I recently heard from Casey Neistat that’s worth sharing.

Everyone knows the iconic image of the cheetah chasing down the gazelle. Its powerful. Most look at that and think “fuck yeah! I’m the cheetah chasing down my goals and ripping them apart looking for the next milestone”… WRONG. In fact my friend, you are the gazelle. That cheetah, that cheetah is life, and if for one second you stop running, if for one second you stop and look back and take your eye off the prize. Life will tear you apart. And eventually… it catches all of us.

Embrace that feeling of being chased.



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