Well hello, I’m Austin Fabel. I’m a writer, entrepreneur, and podcaster.


This website is where I share my passions. I like to write about evidence-based growth, unlocking human potential, maximizing output, minimizing stress, and podcasting.

There is so much “woo-woo” and bullshit in the world of personal development today. I aim to cut through that noise and share what actually works by looking at the science, research, and evidence in certain claims. Oftentimes evidence can take many forms. For instance, if former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss shares with me a negotiation tactic he may not have double-blind studies to back it up, but we’ll let it fly.

As the producer of the popular podcast The Science of Success, I’ve been fortunate to interact with some of the worlds most intelligent minds including Carol Dweck, Adam Grant, Robert Cialdini, Kevin Kelly, Dan Ariely, and more. My goal here is to help you live an all-around better life by sharing the advice and strategies used by psychology experts, artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Most often, my main focus will be sharing with you ways to improve your life and business based on experience and scientific research.

I believe that the best way to effectively impact one’s life is to focus on actually doing. Too often we spend so much of our time learning and digesting content that we lose focus on actually implementing what it is we learned.

If you spend time going to seminars, reading books and blog posts but don’t actually implement anything you’re learning…all you truly have is an expensive hobby.

I will also occasionally write about podcasting. I’ve spent the last five years learning the rules of podcasting, monetizing, and growing an audience. I look to spend the next five breaking those rules and teaching you how to do the same to create the best content you can.

The primary place I share all this content is through my weekly newsletter. You can sign up now below. I promise you’ll only get information on how to become a better human and live a better life (maybe occasionally a podcasting tip or two), nothing that is going to annoy or bother you.

I’m on this journey myself. Learning to live better is a lifelong journey and I still have a lot to learn myself and I’d love for you to join me on that journey. If you’re ready to learn to live better, then enter your email address below and let’s do this together.


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